ZTE Axon 7 Smart Phone Review

The ZTE Axon 7 Smart Phone


ZTE Axon 7 Unlocked smartphone,64GB ROM 4GB RAM, US Warranty (Grey)

Price: $469.00

3.9 out of 5 stars (973 customer reviews)

14 used & new available from $189.99

Ion Gold:

ZTE Axon 7 Unlocked Smartphone,64GB Ion Gold (US Warranty)

Price: $460.95

3.9 out of 5 stars (973 customer reviews)

13 used & new available from $189.99


zte axon 7

ZTE Axon 7


The ZTE Axon 7 is an amazing smart phone. Especially relevant is the price and the speakers.  First of all, it comes unlocked so your’e able so put in your SIM card right away and start using it. It’s a dual SIM phone, so you can either use dual SIMs or use the extra SIM space for a SD card to give you phone some extra space. The phone has great battery life, great build quality, and comes with 64 GB of space and 4 GB of memory. The price is very attractive at 400 dollars and yet could have probably been priced higher.

Due to the camera having a 20 MP camera on the back, you’re therefore able to take very clear photos. It comes with quick charging and in our opinion the finger print reader is in the perfect place – right in the middle on the back of the phone, therefore making it very convenient to access. It has a snapdragon 820 processor which makes handling any software very fluid without any problems. We were able to use this phone and play games with no issues whatsoever.

Most noteworthy of the phone are the speakers. There are two front facing speakers and they can be very loud. As a result, they are the some of the best speakers I’ve heard on a smart phone, hence watching media on my phone is very pleasing and also ensures I can hear the alarm due to my reliance on using my cell phone to wake me up in the morning.

Another bonus is the a 2 year warranty on the phone. If there is a problem with your phone ZTE will fix your phone and pay for shipping both ways. If there is a problem with your phone and can’t wait, they also have an advanced exchange program where they will just give you a new phone, although consequently they will put a hold on your credit card and if they find there was damage caused accidentally you will be subject to those charges, therefore we recommend you choose the repair option.

In conclusion this is a really great phone that I recommend and has been editors choice for phone purchases. With this phone you save hundreds of dollars and get everything needed. This phone also still has a headphone jack with I appreciate. We are looking forward to seeing what ZTE comes up to next!